Monday, September 3, 2012


Nicolas Lutz

Hi Nicolas, how are you?  How was the weekend, what did you do?  
Hey,I’m fine, thanks!
Last weekend I've been making the move to our new house, so was pretty busy packing and caring all the stuff in.. :)

Who is Nicolas Lutz?
A guy born in Jupiter and adopted by an Uruguayan family in 1980.

You started to play music in your friend's garage in 90's, what do you remember of that period? And how were you influenced by those years?
I remember the excitement .. the wants .. the curiosity .. but specially, the fun!
We liked to go out, so when ones my friend got his turntables, for us was like a colored playground..we didn't know how to mix 2 records but was so much fun..and the good thing is that I still having the same feeling that I had in the very beginning..

What can you tell me about the music scene from the country you were born in?
They should feel happy to have an artist as Dj Koolt..without him, the scene would be dead..Actually its pretty hard..at this time, doesn't exist any proper night club..But Koolt together with other friends are making the thing move and bringing very good music to our people.
Having played often at Club der Visionaere, in Berlin, what can you tell me about the scene and how it's evolving.  Do you feel like Berlin has remained the capital of music underground?
Well, CDV it’s in my opinion the best place in the world.. you can find something interesting everyday in the spring and summer time..sometimes also in winter..very special..So when u have a place like this in the city u live, for sure the scene will go in a good direction..
What makes Berlin underground in my opinion, it’s the freedom u have to express yourself and live..I feel free being there, like in any other place before…well, when I think in the time I was in Jupiter, I felt even more freedom..it’s that why I’m sure I will move back one day..
About music..u can find all u want, but this is because of the freedom u get..

Is there any unknown city that you've encountered where you've been surprised by the knowledge and events surrounding house and techno music?
Yes off course..In the past I lived in Sao Paulo, this city has so much good influences talking about techno and house..When I moved there, I was so surprised by many djs and musicians.
And lately i have to say that Athens surprised me..since 2 years I’m going there and honestly, I feel so good playing at this small club in the centre of Athens called six Dogs.. :)

In what city or country did you find the music that you DJ most prominent, where you felt at home? 
For sure that place is Berlin, because u have places like Club Der Visionare that give u the chance of show yourself more and more..The time doesn't exist..u can play for hours and hours so u can go deeper and deeper in the music..this was for me essential..I thank life for giving this chances..was a very important step for me in what means know yourself and your music..

Is there one artist in particular who influences you and you would want to collaborate with? 
I want to collaborate with all my friends, family and my love..they give me a lot of inspiration day by day.. :) But I will give big thank always to my friend Bruno Gervais!

What kind of relationship do you have with technology and do you think it has influenced new talent?
I think that everyone choose his way of making things..I  never got interested about technology and djing or producing..what I know it’s that music lost  quality with all this technology..

What record could you not live without and why?
Some days I need some records and some other days I need some other records..that is always changing and its because of this that I never get bored..

We know that you have a lot tattoos, what inspired this unique style, how did you come about the idea?
There was not an idea..it’s just life.

If you could pick one sentence to describe your outlook on life, what would it be?
ElektroTropical.. (and I like vampires stories)

What does the word VOLUME mean to Nicolas Lutz?
What in many clubs they as to put down..?