Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Marco Missano | INTERVIEW

Winner as Best Italian Music Video at Premio Videoclip Italiano 2010

Winner as Best Animation Clip at M.e.i. PIVI

Who is Marco Missano?
Marco Missano is an old young man of 26 who loves to stay at home. He was born in Agropoli, and he has been living in Rome for about the last 10 years.

When and what made you decide you wanted to become a artist and how did it all happen?
Since I was a child, I have been cultivating two passions: music and cinema. Still, as it usually happens when we become adult children, I had to make a choice between the two . Therefore, before moving to Rome, I chose to pursue a career in directing. Now, I am waiting for the question: “Did you think it was the right choice?”.

Describe your work for someone who has never saw it before.

My works often tell the tale of reality and the reality of tale. I like to mix real and oneiric elements to create worlds of fantasy and melancholy. Most of the times, these are populated by characters who share the same interior conflicts, which become dramatized through a surreal and visionary mise-en-scene.

How did you start ?

When I was a kid, I would parody soap operas with friends with the family video camera. I have worked for television as a co-author and director for different projects, but I stayed in this environment long enough to understand that I did not want to return to it anymore. I started writing video clips for artists who are well-known on the web, hoping that one day I will be able to realize the dream to direct my first movie. To put it in other words, at the moment I am my own apprentice.

Describe the process you use for creating a video.

As a first thing, I need to understand what I want to say. I have to ask myself the right questions, and to consider if a certain story is worth being told. After this, the following phase of the work of course consists in writing the script. I love this stage because it is the only one during which none can restrain you, at least not until the second draft of the script is ready (hehehe). Many times, everything starts from just a few images in my mind, a few still frames of a certain situation which I develop, thinking of the other possible situations that could originate from the first one.
I take very long walks with my ipod and music in my ears, a very stimulating activity for my creativity. Then, I think about how to create the right dynamics and metaphores, which will express a thousand concepts at the same time. Stop motion is a very useful tool for this purpose, because it allows me to express many things that go through my head in my own way, and also to do so with a limited budget. Eventually, with the help of a fantastic team of people who work with me from scenography to photography, such a sinergy and concentrate of talent is created that dreams can materialize.

Describe a day in the life of Marco Missano

I am not a very social person, so the few things I do are monotonous and schematized. I wake up, check my email, write new works, watch movies, read, look for photography expositions, and I take some instant pictures with my new Polaroid machine. You are already bored, aren't you?

Who would you be without Marco Missano's project?

Maybe a failed musician teaching chords sequences around C major to folks better than me.

What is the most important lesson you have learned?

Do one thing in life and try to be number one in what you choose.

What's your ultimate goal?

It is trying not have to change job. I would not know what to do otherwise (hehehe).

What bands/singers are you currently listening to?

Lately I have been listening to Dead Man’s Bones, Department of Eagles, Music For Eleven Instruments, Arcade Fire, Nat King Cole, Mimes of Wine, Ministry, the last one by
Royksopp and a big revelation, Tame Impala. I adore them.

What are your up coming projects/exhibitions/plans?

Besides my work on the video clip market, in relation to which I should realize a couple of new projects in the upcoming months, I am working with a company from Milan with whom I have an exclusive contract. They work with television advertisement
for "Made", so I will be doing work of this kind too. At the same moment though, I am also working on different very ambitious personal projects, but I am choosing not to talk about them at the moment to preserve good luck.

What does the word Volume mean for Marco Missano?

To me it means POWER. I wish I had the power to completely lower the volume of someone's voice.